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To cut a long story short now I have come to redeem my certificate it is costing me more than if I was to book the same cruise through 1st 4 cruIsing website today or if I was to go through another agent for the room and extra charges such as port charges are imposed.

Also I have now been told that extra charges apply in respect of the hotel and resort charges if I take the holiday which was not how it was sold and does not appear in the terms and conditions.

When this deal was sold to me it was sold as the price I was paying (£999 each person ) for the cruise and the other hotel or resort stays were additional benefits. it was never stated that the £999 was for a package; the emphasis was always placed upon the figure £999 for a cruise plus the stay element was a additional bonus.

The written terms provided that subject to availability this would allow me to choose any 14 day cruise in an inside cabin of my choice. There was no indication of any limitation in the written terms on this or that an extra charge might apply for the cabin.

I explained over the phone that as I do not fly but I only ever cruise with P and O and Fred Olsen who sail form the UK. I was specifically told that 1st 4 cruIsing dealt with these companies and I would benefit from this deal. I cruise often and study the prices and when I asked the question that often on a last minute deal the price for a 14 day cruise was less than the £999 offered in this deal I was told by the sales person that probably an upgrade would be offered to the same value. At no time during the sales pitch was I told that when I came to redeem the certificate i would be charged extra port and fees, this was however noticed only after in the small print. They said that these charges were imposed on them by the cruise company.

To summarize this certificate (sold by 1st 4 cruising and through ICE cruise excursions trading as our holiday centre ) costs you more by several hundred pounds than if you book direct, even if you book it through an agent. The written terms do not indicate that any extra charges will apply for cabins (save for the port charges which should have been drawn to my attention) or hotel or resort charge.

I have read other reviews on this website of similar sales. I too will be taking the matter further by posting my upset on cruise websites and I will be investigating possible legal action as one this deal is different to the sales patter when sold and two costs you more in the long run, future signees should be warned.


Review about: Cruise And Resort Certificate Voucher.

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